May 28, 2020

The 2020 Layers Playlist

This is the 5th year Jessie and Elaine have asked me to make a playlist for their excellent design conference, Layers, and while this year is, um — not a great year for conferences, to put it lightly — we decided to go ahead and make one regardless.

I'd never describe myself as an over-achiever, but I've definitely put borderline-too-much effort into playlists I've made throughout the years. I take the job seriously because I truly believe that music sets the mood and mood sets the mind. This may sound hokey to some, but consider this: I bet you dollars to donuts that your favourite movie scenes have killer backing tracks. Conferences and parties have a way of being the movie scenes of our lives, so how can you have a favourite movie scene without music?

This year's playlist is almost annoyingly upbeat. This was by intention. While I knew most people would be listening at home, and not at a party, I still wanted to evoke that good-time feeling. I think it's important, especially during this weird time of life, that we remind ourselves of those good times.

Although it's a predominantly pop/house playlist, I try to include something for everyone. There's a bit of hip-hop, a glitch track, a Tame Impala song. The mood is: Open-bar patio at dusk, your friends are all there, except for a few that you're wishing were, but there's new people to chat with, with good stories and great haircuts, great enough to make you a little self-conscious, but not so self-conscious that you worry about it. That's the feeling I've had at every previous Layers, and one I know I'll have again in the future.

Stay cool and enjoy.


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