May 13, 2015

Second Impressions

I’ve only had my Apple Watch for about a week, and so much has been written about it already that there isn’t too much I have to add, but I can’t resist adding my few, late, impressions:

There’s nothing really that special about the Apple Watch, other than that it’s a very good piece of wearable technology. Should you buy one? If you wear a Fitbit or a regular watch, and you don’t mind dropping $350-$1000 on a gadget/fashion accessory, then yes – you’ll probably really like it. Is it worthy of the insane amount of hype being claimed by Apple? No, not really.

  1. This is relative, but it’s worth noting that most Apple Watch models cost more than the (upfront, subsidized) cost of even the newest iPhone. 

  2. Jim Ray nailed this in his post

  3. Leather loop buyers saw their orders ship today